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The Cases page is terrific resource of Grade-A-quality project solutions. New students: check out code that old students have posted. Old students: you can get Extra Credit for posting here at the end of the semester; read the Extra Credit page for details.


This index was done by a student for their individual case. If you add a link to your case in here, it will keep it up to date and useful for future students

Index of Individual Cases (Add your individual case here!!!)

Summer 2011 (First Semester with J2EE web project) Lab Assistant

Individual Cases
Setting up Databases for Grails Projects - Lamine Sissoko

Team Cases

Spring 2011 (First Semester in Java) Doctors Office System

Individual Cases
Introduction to JSON - John Girata
How to get along with the Team- Se Hoon Shon
Setting up SubEclipse (Useful Hints and Tips)- Gurden Singh Batra
Installing and Working with JFreeCharts- Gurden Singh Batra
Using JTables with a SQL Database- Vishnu Rajeevan
Java Security Encryption - Ronald Brown
Javadocs and CodePro: What Makes the Code Mightier Than the Sword -Danny Cook
GUI/UML Design Tips-Vishwaja Cheruku
Team Coordination-Vishwaja Cheruku
Prepare yourself!-J. Spencer Hamilton
UI suggestion.doc-Jackie Trujillo
Frame Messenger: A different way to handle JPanels- Josh Moore
General Advice about CS 2340- David J Murray
Setting up Hibernate - James Rundquist
Using Hibernate - Perron Jones
Team Organization - Owen Cox
Coding With A Team - Seth Dubin
The Flea - Kyle Kukshtel
Team Management - Summit Patel
JUnit Tests - Matt Lee
Suggestions regarding Client-Server Networking, Architecture, and Persistence - Sean Pohjalainen
How To Suceed - Erin Walsh
Using Git to Enhance Productivity - Christopher Long

Team Cases
Team What the Hell? How not to be like us.
Team 20 TeamWork
VelocirAccess Medical 2011 -Velociraptors, Attack!

Fall 2010 (Calendar System )

Individual Cases
How to use Lists in GUIs in SmallTalk - Marin Zaimov
SOLID Design Principles in Smalltalk coding - Sameer Ansari
How to Easily Conduct a Heurisitc Evaluation - Mebaa Kidane
General Group Synergy & Organization Tips - Rohan Karnik
Creating a Tab with different backgrounds - Hao
Make good CRC Cards - Lina George
Download Visualworks - Segireddy
Checklist/Walkthrough of Smalltalk and GUI Basics - Aaron Yip
ODBC/MySQL Database Object Binding - Charlie Cloud
Smalltalk Basics - Working with the GUI - Daniel Castro
Small tips to make more intuitive designs - Ka Young Kim
Best ways to create GUI Mock Ups - Victoria Hyo Jeong Lee
sending emails in smalltalk - Farzon Lotfi
PHP to SSP - David Esposito
Model-View-Controller in Smalltalk - Baris Arin
Most Helpful Cases - Greg Cobb
Performing a Design Review-Jessica Dougherty
Getting and Using Visual Paradigm - Karol Chudy

Team Cases
Team Alpha
Team 24
Team Rocket 2010
Future Carpal Tunnel Sufferers of America
Team Autobots
Team Termindaters
SELECT name FROM teams WHERE id = 17;

Summer 2010 (Settlers Game)

Individual Cases
Setting up a private Store repository - Janzen Brewer
General Course Advice - Daniel Flannery
Import an Image to GUI - Bruce Xu
Aspect Adapters - Creating a List Widget - Sundeep Ghuman
How to merge versions in the repository - Matt Lee
Suggestions and Tips for Graphic Design - Qiqin Xie

Team Cases
Smalltalk Settlers
Fighting Mongooses

Spring 2010

Individual Cases
HTML Cookies and Session Data - Chris Wyland
Cincom Public Repository - How to Share Code Within Your Group - Chris Wyland
Streamlining application development without using GLORP - Eugen Istoc
How to get Visual Works up and Running on a Mac and Basic Tips - Alexa Kaminsky
How to organize your group wisely - Russell Strauss
How to change a label dynamically - Chayong Lee
How to make 'http://localhost:8008/' work(Step by Step) - Hanbyul Kim
Cognitive Walkthrough - Huda Osman
Heuristic Evaluation - Tania Srivastava
How to produce a graph - MiSeon Park
Demo Tips - Mike Hirth
Code Highlighting - Dylan Demyanek
Writing Idiomatic Code - Will Farrington
How to make a website using HTML/CSS - Richard "Tyler" Dotson
How to make SUnit Tests- Daniel Kester
Working with Databases - Moinak Bandyopadhyay
CS2340 Survival Guide - Matt Shorrosh
Working with Glorp - Edric Chen
Heuristic Evaluation made faster with Excel - Shashank Chamoli
Working with Datasets - Miguel Lloreda
Collaboration and Visual Works - Jeff Drasher
The General's Trench as reason for Demeter's Law - Chris Russell

Team Cases
FC Barca
Krispy Team
Team Identity Withheld
Team Work In Progress
Team RamRod
The Second Team
Team Pipewrench
Team GG
Team <insert witty name here>
Team Smalltalk

Fall 2009

Individual Cases
Creating an executable file in Smalltalk - Chris Forrence
Doing SUnits - Chris Forrence
How to Better Use External Databases with Your App - Alex Milstead
Dialog "box" by Brandon Feldkamp
How to ace the new format final - Ajai Karthikeyan
Group dynamics help - Ajai Karthikeyan
Getting Current Day/Time etc. by Sam Asghari
Setting a Specific Index in a List Box when it loads by Sam Asghari
Adding database to your project by Seung-Hun Park
CS 2340 class advice and smalltalk help by Tyler Hastings
Cookies and Session Variables by Meet Patel
Getting started with WebVelocity by Patrick Dillon
Easiest way to save data - BOSS by Josiah Mangiameli
Brainstorming Techniques by Abhishek Jain
Strings in Smalltalk by Jabari Worthy
BASIC HTML and other M9 tips by Husayn Versee
How to setup a webserver in Smalltalk by Mudit Manu Paliwal
SUnit Testing Guide - Yahao Wu
Heuristic Evaluation - Nitya Malhotra
UML Class Diagrams - Akilesh Natarajan
Types of Lists in Smalltalk - Jacob Paul
Help With Graphs - Jessica Feuston
Quick Guide to Query String Messages - Sarah Watson
Tips for Include Files - Candis Pham
Tips on How to Think Like Your User - Candace Mitchell
Adding an Icon to your GUI - Raschel Mead
Radix Sort - Hyung-Min Lee
Connecting an Action to Your GUI Button - Candace Mitchell

Team Cases
Team MVC
Team Objects and Destruction
Team EEEWorms
Team The Flying
Team MedicStar
Team Coal Miners
Team A
Team Uncreative printString 'noname'
Livin' On A Prayer

Summer 2009

Individual Cases
Krishnan Purushothaman (Sweet M1 Tips)
Chris Logan (Query Strings)

Team Cases
Currently Unnamed
Team Name TBA
WTB Team Name

Spring 2009

Individual Cases
Surviving M1 and M2 - Shahrukh Arif
Tips and Basics of UML Class Diagrams -Liz Ha
Using Public StORE Repository Database - Hyohyeon Jeong
Building OOA and CRC cards by Kevin Hampton
SortedCollection - Andrew Cray
How to use BOSS - Frank Xue
A Standard Approach to Graphs in Smalltalk - Karthik Narayan
How to restore your works in Smalltalk? - Kounsam Lee
How to implement save and load functions without using BOSS - Suk Robert Koh
Smalltalk Coding Essentials.pdf by Abhishek Rai
How to set up a GUI - Hailong Li
Setting up a test case and running it with TestRunner - Bridgette Wiley
Smalltalk and html with tips! - Jun Hyuk Yim
How to make your GUI pretty
Index of Individual Cases - Robert Rayborn
ODBC Tutorial - Sanjeet Hajarnis
Java vs. Smalltalk - Yoko Ishioka
Project Planning and Coding Decisions - Azhar Bande-Ali
Setting up a Smalltalk website - MunJun Byun
How to make Tabs in smalltalk (requires a bit of GUI and a bit of coding knowledge!)
Time and Team Management

Team Cases
Velociraptors R Us
Don't Know Yet
Team BigSilence
Team Undecided
Team Apathy2
Team ASP
Team TFC & The CMs
Middle Age Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Dream Team
Team Shiny

Fall 2008 Oregon Trail

Individual Cases
Lori Kumar Individual case 1
Lori Kumar Oregon Trail Individual Case
Smalltalk vs. Java - Charmant Kai Tan
Designing good CRC cards - Charmant Kai Tan
Drawing Graphs in smalltalk - Matthew Ruge
Turning your project into an Executable file - Kyle Gabriel
Smalltalk vs. Java - Vinutha Prabhakar
Building the Codebase - Ben Litowitz
UI DESIGN and UI EVALUATIONS - Lawrence Jarvis
Implementing Smalltalk in a website - Dan Ardelean
How to setup a Smalltalk website - Derek Tatum
How to create good UML designs - Lander L. Basterra
How to create good Sequence Diagrams - Lander L. Basterra
Making UML diagrams using UMLet, an alternative to VisualParadigm - Hubert Liu
Random number generator in SmallTalk - Hubert Liu
Some Information on BOSS - Ibrahim Moreno
Smalltalk compared to Python - Ben Minton
Multithreading in Smalltalk - Chris Sladky

Team Cases
The Worst Team Ever
Team Global Trailers
Team Menfinity
Aqua Team Hunger Force

Summer 2008 VisualScrum

Individual Cases
Using Tabs by Dan Gifford
Right click dropdowns by Rob Taylor
Decision Matrix and Language Selection by Mansi Sharma

Team Cases
Team Tux-42 VisualScrum Case by Team Tux-42

Spring 2008 Shareworks

Individual Cases
Boss Objects over Network Sockets by Michael Tanner
“Networking and Sockets Using Visual-Works" click here: socketscs2340final.doc by Saba Rohani and Petar Tsankov
Guild to using basic openTalk by Scott Le
Common Methods in Smalltalk by Sayan Basu
MVC by Sayan Basu
Common Smalltalk syntax by Sayan Basu

Team Cases
Team Fred!
teamcase.pdf by Insert Team Name Here!

Fall 2007 Space Trader/Stock Trader

Individual Cases
Mohamed Elasmar Case

Team Cases
Brian's Angels Case
First Team
Basketball Guzzlers

Summer 2007 Techzilla

Individual Cases
Saving and Reading Text Files for Dummiesby Alex Turyev
BOSS Basicsby David Montarella
SAAM Analysisby Shamsi Ara
Visualworks Recovery Methods by Nick Bundy

Team Cases
It's Drinking Time!!!111oen Case
Sweet 'n' Salty Team Case

Spring 2007 SmallGraph

Individual Cases
Smalltalk Metaprogramming by Antonio Salazar Bob says: Everyone in 2340 should read this – but not until we have discussed basic language constructs. Makes you appreciate the everything is an object power.
Selecting & Dragging a Node (or other object) with the mouse by Nathan Randall Bob says: If you already have your custom view and custom controller created, but don't know what to do next, take a peek here. Shows mouse event grabbing and hit testing on model elements
Creating Simple Textual HTML Pages with Embedded Smalltalk Code by Justin Dobbs Bob says: If you have to do some basic smalltalk server pages and embed code in an html document, or create a basic form, this will help
Advanced SSP Tactics by Paul Stamatiou Bob says: As the title says, this tutorial is more focused on advanced ideas with ssp. Using include files, cookies, session variables. Obviously written by someone who has done webdev outside of school for real applications. Look here for help after you know the basics
a href="" SavingGraphicalObjects by Daniel Smitherman Bob says: Actually mostly about writing stuff to XML. If you need to write XML data, this will give you an example. Ignore all the ?????, I think the wiki doesn't so tabs
The Thing You Will do Daily in Smalltalk - A Guide on how to recover your codebyJason BennettBob says: Hopefully this doesn't happen daily, but when the worst happens here is how to recover. Good advice on filing out, using the repository and change list
Filling a List Widget with Data Programmatically on a Custom Dialog by Jennifer DeLockery Bob says: If you need to make a dialog box other than the standard ones in VW, this will give you a step-by-step path. Also shows how to bind the list widget to an array
Dealing with VisualWorks' Quirks (code highlighting, handling infinite loops, etc) by Frank Wilson Bob says: If you like syntax color coding, then look here to get the package details
Creating Custom Widgets in VisualWorks by Brandon Carpenter Bob says: Nice presentation of creating your own widget. If you don't like the preexisting ones, then look here for making your own
Know Thy Enemy - Merging In VisualWorks & Related Tips by Justin Bellmor Bob says: Some advice on merging (mainly by avoiding merges). Merge tool is definately not sophisticated, but can function

Team Cases
Team SmallTalkers Cases
Team Here Be Dragons Cases

Fall 2006 Ecode Design Tool

Individual Cases
Setting up a PostgreSQL database to function as a STORE repositorybyAlexander Stocko
Getting Friendly with Visual Works for Dummies(What are: Images, .st, file in/file out, starting STORE, and getting your feet wet!) ByKathy Pham
A Smalltalk Quick Reference GuidebyStephen Hilber
Subcanvases made semi-easybyNick Yaitsky
Things to know about Smalltalk GUI for this classby Lydia Barnes
Free VisualWorks Textbook!by Vanessa Larco
VisualWorks Tutorialby Vanessa Larco
Quick Guide to a Great UI Design!by Vanessa Larco
VisualWorks Shortcutsby Vanessa Larco"1, 2, Combo" boxes and random GUI tipsbyJeffro Starker
Connecting GUI's and code: Starter guide on how to get and send information to your GUIbyGabriel Halley
Quick tips and where to look for connecting your GUI and data model using adaptorsbySam Hartsfield
Ways to Speed Up Your Coding in VisualWorksbySoumo Gorai
Design Pattern Handbookby Seema Sharan
UML Line Algorithmsby Tim Shaw
Smalltalk and XMLby Drew Roberts
Right Click Context Menusby Brian O'Connor
Smalltalk referenceby Brian O'Connor
GUI Imagesby Brian O'Connor
Dialog Boxesby Jennifer Whitlow
How to Save and Load using SIXXbyKwang Kim
How to build a web application with SmallTalkbyHung Lai
Fonts size confliction between computersbyHyunjin Yi
Guide to SUnit Testingby Steph Yang
File Managementby Jarryd McCree
A Guide to Merging by Rick Klein
Database persistence with SmallTalk by Matt Weber
An algorithm for placing and drawing UML classesby Jean-Pierre de la Croix
Code MergingJay Anderson
Code Merging with VisualWorksby Jonathan Skypek
Tables Vs Datasetsby Lina Alaoui
Some Smalltalk Basicsby Miklos Thomas
How to view specific compositesby Kevin Cannella
Agricultural Sudoku Programming, and the API to helpby David Mann
How to Make Good Scenarios

Team Cases
Mighty Polymorphin' Smalltalk Rangers
Cuthroat Trout Case
Lazy Slob Cases
Hose and Tricks Cases
Big Blue Barracudas Cases
Will Work For Food Cases
The Band Greeks Cases
Team Phoenix Cases
Team Oompa Loompa Cases
I Don't Know Cases
Team Mortal Wombat
Team Animaniacs Cases
Team B.A.M.F.'s Cases
Flat Circle Society Cases
When Lobsters Attack Cases

Lecture Analyses
Useful lecturesDavid Mann

Summer 2006 - Digital Logic Workbench

Assorted Writing Projects
Assorted Indices
Tutorials and How to do specialized things in Squeak
CS 2340 Class Review (Compiled By Lalit Kapoor)

Indexes/Case Comparisons for Fall 2005

Tutorials and How to do specialized things in Squeak

Summer 2005 - Fish Tank Simulation

For this semester only, you may post a case for your team if your team emaverage for milestones 2-5 is a B or higher. The deadline for posting is midnight on Wednesday night during finals week.

Spring 2005 - Location Services

Fall 2004 - SimTech

h2Summer 2004 - Time Management App for Desktop & PDA

Spring 2004 - Genealogy Application[2]

Fall 2003 - A 3D Squeak Guide

good info on: using squeak, wonderland (3D stuff)

Summer 2003 - A Slide Show/Photo Editor

bgood for: graphics in squeak/b

Spring 2003 - A Financial Manager

bgood for: graphs, making an interactive web-page with your squeak classes/b

Student projects

Specific Tutorial Hub /a|em Bob says: Not a totally comprehensive set of links, but a good place to start to look up key topics|Squeak revisited by a gangster Series |Bob says: A tutorial on using a ListMorph and a PieChart Morph. |Object Serialization |A good discussion on how to use the reflection capabilities in Squeak to build your own general-purpose XML serializer. |User-Centered Design |Bob says: Written by a graduating senior HCI student, this gives a lot of insight into how to understand the target users of your system so you get a good UI design. Read this at least once before you start drawing sample screens for your application. Read it again if you every have to do any real HCI. |

Fall 2002 - Genealogy Application

bgood for: interacting with web-pages, laying out dynamic graphical interfaces/b
Genealogy Application

Summer 2002

Description of Project:Summer 2002 Project Milestones-Achin Batra : Milestone 1 (Basic DrawingEditor)-Naila Farooqui (gte009y): Milestone 1-Pyramid SqueakShop Case Page-Another Another Team Case Page-General Motors SqUeAkIzOiDZ Case Page-The Unnamed Team Case Page-Organized Konfusion Case Page-Some Japanese Country Case Page-BugFree Case Page-Exploding Kitty Kats-M1 Summary gte777t.ppt

Spring 2002

Description of Project:Spring 2002 Project Milestones-The A-Team Case Page-RubberTree's Cases Page-Knights Who Say 'Squeak': Case Page-RandomFurniture:RFApproach-v4-2.ppt- TeamUs: Case Studies for M3-6 and our Transition 2D to 3D Plan A really fine set of case studies: Good lessons, interesting screenshotsMark Guzdial- FANTA:FANTA-3D.ppt-Under Construction-Jonathan Broomfield- Milestone 1 Case Study

Fall 2001

Description of Project:Fall 2001 Project Milestones-Squeaky Clean Squeakers: Case Page-Team PimpSqueak: Cases Page-Ron Jeremy's Minions: Cases Page-The Goods: Cases Page-Four Monkeys and a bag of Bannanas: Cases Page-Four Monkeys and a bag of Bannanas: Milestone 1-Unnamed: Cases Page-MotherSqueakers Cases Page for P6 & P7-Rodents of Unusual Size Cases Page-Absolut Squeak Cases Page-CSKhwar Cases Page-Team Rocket Cases Page-Our Team Name: A-/dev/random Cases Page-Mark Guzdial and Associates Cases PageM6 Design Roundtable Submission -Anti-Absentminded, Bloody SleepwalkersM6 Multiplayer MOO implementation -Anti-Absentminded, Bloody SleepwalkersSTUDENT-INITIATED MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS


Summer 2001

MOVIE EDITOR (Image, Text, Midi, Wav, MPEG)
Description of Project:Summer 2001 Project Milestones-Squeakers Anonymous: Cases Page-Summoner: Case Pages-Absolute Squeak: Cases Page-SCPT: Case Pages-WHT: Cases Page-Blammo: Cases Page-Spoon: Cases Page-Shafted Krispy Kreme: Case Page-The David Bowie Movie Maker-NuMaDiNa: Case Pages-Three Blind Mice Case Page-Insanity: Case Pages-Squeaky Wheel Inc.'



Spring 2001



Summer 2000


Spring 2000

Newspaper Projects

Tree and other Project Writeups

Tutorials and How to do specialized things in Squeak

Student-initiative Projects

Individual Case.pdf
Individual Case.pdf
Individual Case.pdf
Individual Case.pdf
Individual Case.pdf
Individual Case.pdf
AutoScreenRecorder_03 Jul. 27
AutoScreenRecorder_02 Jul. 28
How to use Lists in GUIs in Smalltalk.txt
How to get along with Group.pdf
How to get along with Group.pdf
How to get along with Team.pdf
Using JTables With a SQL Database.pdf
Javadocs and CodePro.pdf
Case 2.docx
Frame Messenger.pdf
general 2340 advice.pdf
Using JTables with a SQL Database.pdf
CS 2340 - The Flea.pdf
Javadocs and CodePro.pdf
Javadocs and CodePro.pdf
Javadocs and CodePro.pdf

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