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CS 2341 grades will be distributed as 60% for the labs and 40% for examinations. The examinations will consist of two in-class tests (each counting 10%) and the final which counts 20%.

Administrative notes

1. Labs are due the Wednesday after your lab by 6pm, unless otherwise noted by me in the assignment or by the TA's.

Overview of the class

CS2341 is designed to be an adjunct to CS2340. The two classes combined are intended to give you a variety of skills and knowledge with an emphasis on learning concepts and tools that will be useful to you in later courses and your career. This class emphasizes the design of software systems in the object oriented paradigm. You will be expected to attend all lectures and labs in this class. If you miss one, you may fall behind as the concepts covered build on the work of prior labs. In this class we are going to emphasize the design of software systems, whereas in 2331 we emphasized the programming of software systems. We start out with team work and group projects and then move into some programming (since you are learning a new language that uses a different model of programming than C), but quickly get in to designing things.
I need to re-emphasize the comments I made in CS2331. Don't build it if you can find it. Squeak/Smalltalk is built around a model of reuse (one of the basic principles that oo languages and design support). So take advantage of that in developing programs. Don't spend a month trying to find the final solution to your problem, but take advantage of what is there to construct things with.

How this class operates

The class emphasizes independent study and requires you to actively be engaged in the learning process. What that means is that we will give you guidance and introductory information on the subject matter, but we expect you will acquire the skills through practice. Skill is only learned through practice. The lectures are set up to give you an introduction and overview of the topic of the week, and the labs are used to give you supervised practice in use of the topic.

The secrets to success

This class is intended to give you a set of skills that you will use for the rest of your career. If there are things we are not covering that you think are important speak up, we want feedback.

Labs - All labs are due at midnight unless otherwise noted in the info file!

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