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Jonathan D'Andries

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Office Hours (College of Computing Building Picnic area)

I am working on ECoDE again this semester, so please feal free to drop me an email at if you have any support issues or questions.

For more info on me, please visit my webpage at

M6 Demo Signup

Time Thursday (4/22) Friday Tuesday (4/27) Thursday Friday (at TSRB)
9:00 am X X X X .
9:30 am X X X X .
10:00 am X X . X .
10:30 am X X . X .
11:00 am X . . X .
11:30 am X . . X .
12:00 pm X . . X .
12:30 pm X . . X .
1:00 pm X X . Four Dumb Guys .
1:30 pm X X . Four Dumb Guys .
2:00 pm X The Van Buren Boys . No Use for a Name .
2:30 pm X The Van Buren Boys . No Use for a Name .
3:00 pm . Team 65 X . .
3:30 pm . Team 65 X . .
4:00 pm . Message Not Understood X X .
4:30 pm . . X X .
5:00 pm X Four Geeks X X Four Geeks Redemo
5:30 pm X Four Geeks X X Four Geeks Redemo

Times marked with an X are when I'm not available (class, meetings, etc.) I can meet with your group during my office hours or any other time not marked as unavailable or taken by another team.

Please claim a time slot for your group by adding your team name to the appropriate cell. If a scheduling conflict arises, I will notify your group. Otherwise, I'll meet your group in the CoC commons at the time you claimed.

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