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Kanishk Kapur

Welcome to the house of blues

You may wish to mail me.

Over here we will help you get the blues, and recover from the bruises acquired during the drill called squeaking.

Seen on the whiteboards during intense squeaking by others:

Squeak mouse: [ Eat me].
(Sleep hasNot)
ifTrue: [ Transcript say: 'Coffee u drink must' ]
ifFalse: [ Transcript say: 'Fail you now should' ]
1000 timesRepeat: [:group| group partner to: work do: notWork]
Squeak wabbit say:[ Eat this: [ Pill bluepill ] ]

Hopefully this page will eventually turn into a team's page to talk to all the other future members of my team.

Here's the team for now:

aka Kermit ze Frog (of course)
External Image
He's from a highly populated small city called New Delhi. Its in the insignifican't part of the universe called India.
And No, He doesn't speak in Indian. He likes porkchops (do u think thats the reason Ms. Piggy isn't on the team ...?),
and as brain fried John Nash said, "[has] respect for pizza and beer."
He also likes to watch a lot of silly movies. Like recectly he saw Death to Smoochy and a Beautiful Mind, hence the obviousness of it all.
umm ... just to let you know. He's kinda silly at coding things in Squeak. To him this particular language is like Yoda's speech.
Object new Die.

Dr. Honeydew
External Image
Watch out this guy is weird he thinks DNA can be turned into some sort of an art form.
HA! they tried that with cinema once upon a time, didn't work. I don't think this guy will quit though.

External Image
With a badass name like Animal there is little that can go wrong. You are an Animal. This guy likes drums, women and food.
Now thats an ANIMAL. His totally sexist statements such as 'Want Woman', 'Louder' and the infamous 'Louder Woman',
has gotten him many love-honies. Yes he scores, thats why he's on the team.

Dr. Strangepork
External Image
I have to say that Dr. Strangepork was quite aghast to learn of my eating habits. He loved swine-trek,
I love star-trek ... we were visiting interplanetary conventions the next day.

As you can say this is a completely fictitious crew on board. The photos are taken from, so sue me. None of them can code.
I don't really like the muppets that much, though I do find them extremely intriguing.
I made this page cause I got bored tinkering with squeak. What a bizzare pl.

Here is a link to my real team page.
Here is a link to my CS 3911 team page.
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