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Chris Nielsen

I'm a second year CS major; I play lacrosse and I'm a 1312TA. Here is our schedule for the upcoming year, ripped right off our webpage:

Date Day Opponent Location Time Score
12 Sat. Vanderbilt home 1 pm L 7-13
19, 20 Sat, Sun Southern Shootout 2000
( Clemson, Illinois, Michigan State )

25 Fri Rhode Island home 7 pm
26 Sat Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 1 pm
6 Mon. Michigan
@Homewood Field;
Johns Hopkins
Baltimore, MD 7 pm
18 Sat. Virginia Tech home 2 pm
25 Sat. Florida State Tallahassee, FL 1 pm
31 Fri. Auburn home 7 pm
6 Thr. Emory University Atlanta, GA 7 pm
9 Sun. Limestone B home 10:30 am
20 Thr. University of Georgia home 7 pm
29,30 Sat,Sun SELC Tournament Chattanooga, TN TBA
10-13 Thr-Sat USLIA National Championship St. Louis, MO TBA
Southern Shootout 2000
Atlanta, Georgia; February 19, 20
Student Athletic Complex Field
Saturday, Feb. 19th
9:00 am Michigan State vs. Georgia Tech
11:00 am Clemson vs. Illinois
3:45 pm Illinois vs. Michigan State
6:45 pm Clemson vs. Georgia Tech
Sunday, Feb. 20th
8:45 am Michigan State vs. Clemson
10:45 am Georgia Tech vs. Illinois

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