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Stephen Ingram

Where I can explore my geeky side.

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Stephen Frowe Ingram's Coweb

Random Queery Fact: Frowe is a family name, I didn't know it meant woman until recently
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Hey, I'm Steve, I'm a member of Team Kayrad, which as you know has the most illustrious team page yet. WE DARE YOU TO CHALLENGE OUR CODE!

Thoughts after P2

Squeak, I believe, is very cool. Sure it's not very fast and its simplicity isn't as crisp as possible, but it sure as hell is one of the better open source projects out there. It's free! What more do you want?

I can often be found the the Baird Computer lab in the Coc if you need to find me, email me here I have no phone, no car, no food in my fridge. I am a minimalist of lifestyle. I always find that if you go through life like flowing water, wonderful things will happen. One of my cohorts is Graham Coleman. Ph33r him.

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picture of me eatin sushi

I am a UA (User Assistant) for OIT. This is where I get the time to edit this page. I'm the guy who sits in the computer labs and changes paper, checks buzzcards (GROAN), and answers the question of the ages: Why can't I print?! Please, people, can't you read the white board? I will only ape the instructions to you. Give me a break! Isn't this a tech school? Aren't people supposed to be used to figuring things out for themselves? Sheesh. Ask me real questions.

here are the two places I work
Library NT Lab phone: 4-9036 Student Center NT Lab 4-5530
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PS: Looking for someone who speaks Slovak. Please email me immediately if you do, I am in dire need of learning the language soon.

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