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Fall2001 Team-Forming Discussion

Feel free to use this space for advertising a team in need of someone, or someone in need of a team.

Please put your team name and team members on the Fall 2001 Team Declaration Page by WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 5:00 pm. We'll create Team pages in the turnin Swiki (see Fall 2001 Turnin Information for more information). Mark Guzdial

since m1 is due in a couple days, i guess it's about time to find a group– preferably with people that don't completely hate this stuff. email -DR

tru tru

i need a team... i got the highest grade in our group-project game, which was in CS2335... but that was in Java... i would love a team member who knows squeak better than i do! (Matt, gte460p)

Anyone interested in forming a team with me? (Max, ayyabb@cc)

I need a group too! Any of you guys looking for one need another or want to form a group of strangers? Trevor Paddock (gte338e)

I'm looking for a team-let me know if you are interesting in starting one or need a member.(Anthony, gte132w)

Just another person looking for a team. I'd be happy to join a group or to form a new group if necessary. Anyone interested? - Allen Tyner

a member of my team just dropped the class so i'm looking for 2 more. please email me asap i wanna start working on m2. thanx. (amy liu, amy@cc)

We have a group of 3 and looking for our fourth person. Not looking for someone who is not willing to work and start early! Interested? Send me an email to my gte088t address. (Brian)

Is anyone else out there still looking for another member to add? I've pretty much contacted everyone on this list already, with no luck. I know it's late, but surely someone is still looking.
Well, if you are in need. .send me an email: gte097p

Kevin Wong

Hello, we've got a group of two so far, and we are looking for one or two more people to join us. We are looking for people who are willing to start early and work hard to get an A on these squeak projects. if that's you e-mail me at....

I am in a group of two. We just need one or two more people. Ideally, we would like to get someone ASAP to get moving along in M2.
Email: gte097p
Kevin Wong
I am still looking for a squeak group for M2..Less than two weeks till it is due..anyone still need another person?
contact me at

I am looking for a group for milestone2. if anyone needs another person, email me at

We are looking for 1 or 2 more people to form a group. E-mail me at John Matson
I'm looking for 1 more person for our group. E-mail me at address listed on my page Alan Ferguson.
This is Chris Lawrence. I need a group to join (posted on 9/20/01) please call me at 404-862-1060 or email at gt2198a.
This is Jason Ergle, we have two for our group and are looking for one or two more two round it off. If you're interested, email me at ergle@cc.

Hm, are there any remaining teams that require an additional member or two? If so, I would appreciate it immensely if you'd contact me at or (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

I still need a group, if anyone needs someone else for their's or if there is anyone out there who want's a new group, let me know:

Ben Dines
fuck you

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