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Using this CoWeb

The CoWeb is a shared space; the instructor and the TAs will be hanging around, but what happens here is largely up to students. Anything goes–just be courteous. See the Statement on Privacy and the Statement on Acceptable Behavior for more on the policies here.

Things To Do

  1. Wander around the CS2340 CoWeb and get an idea of what is offered here. In particular, be sure to visit the Admin Pages. Pay close attention to the general advice section. You also want to look at the personal pages of the TAs for any advice or tips they have to share.
  2. Go to the Spring 2006 Who's Who page and create a link for yourself. Then go to that new page and tell us about yourself (e.g., link to your homepage elsewhere, put up a picture of yourself, etc.). (Whenever you post, sign it by a link back to your Spring 2006 Who's Who page, e.g., Jeff Rick)
  3. Visit the Personals page. Add a movie/restauraunt review, to try it out.
  4. Make sure that you have a CoC account. You'll need it to use the NT Cluster.
  5. Check out the FAQ pages as you have questions.
  6. Check out the Surprises page to see advice from previous students
  7. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE Cases Pages!. Any code there is COMPLETELY LEGAL to reuse! (NOTE: Read the Honor Statement page for more information about documenting code reuse.)

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