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Summer 2001 Announcements

Edit Summer 2001 Announcements here.!July 21
I've posted a Summer 2001 Final Review on the Reviews page.

I've posted the notes from the second lecture on design patterns on Summer 2001 Lecture Notes.

I've posted grading criteria for the last milestone. See Summer 2001 Project Milestones.

July 17

I've posted the example Squeak media (with the orbitting rabbit, etc.) on Summer 2001 Lecture Notes.

Also, I've added a clarification to the last mini-assignment: your method should work for any collection, not just arrays. (see Summer 2001 Mini-Assignments)

July 12

I've posted some clarifications and some help to Project Milestones.

July 8 has been updated. Also, there is now a page which gathers all Summer 2001 Lecture Notes which aren't on the CD-ROM.

July 4 – notes on parsers and on writing parsers from scratch.

June 29

The Message Dispatching half of yesterday's lecture is in

June 26

Todays VM lecture is based on the "vm.ppt" slides on the CD. The actual slides used are in This includes the example plugin compiled for Linux/x86 and for MS Windows.

June 19

The notes from todays lecture are here:

June 19

Squeak in the States Cluster

June 7

Solutions to previous assignments have been posted. Take a look at 'em.

June 5

New TA/Student Pairings Now Posted!
TA's have been reassigned according to project groups. This means that from today forward, EVERYTHING you submit should be submitted to this TA. This includes M4 through M11, and P3 through P6. If you have already submitted M4, it will be forwarded for you so don't worry about it.
Permanent TA/Student Pairings

June 5

There is a Summer 2001 UI Pinup page now. Post your UI and you can get feedback on it!

June 2

There are Sample Team Templates available for reporting team member responsibilities and team project timeline. They are only provided as a guideline for what information you should submit. You are not required to use these formats.

June 2

I've posted a Summer 2001 Midterm Review.

May 31

I've added some clarifications to the Old Project Milestones. Also, I've put some points in Milestone 2 towards the project breakdown and timeline.

May 24

After mini-assignment 2, all mini-assignments are due at the beginning of class, not at midnight that night. All project milestones are still due at class time.

May 21

Since the coweb was down over the weekend, you have until tomorrow (Tuesday) to submit your first mini-assignment. If someone has given you the answer already, you are on your honor to turn it what you had already done. The second mini-assignment is still due this Thursday night.

May 15

Here are the slides from the first lecture: introtocs2340-sum01.ppt and

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