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Group Insanity's Movie Editor.

The following page outlines our group's design, and implementation for
the assignment for Summer semester, 2001. All milestone
submissions received an A. See the Summer 2001 Project Milestones for a complete description.


The purpose of the assignment is to create a movie editor/player for squeak.
The "movies" are actually composed of various media files. Each visual file that
makes up the movie can be assigned to appear at a given time, disappear at a given
time, and show in a given location. The sound files can be assigned to start and
stop at given times. The file formats that are to be supported are MPEG movies,
WAV sounds, MIDI songs, and JPEG pictures. In addition, plain text is supported.

Additional requirements include the ability to save and load files to disk,
starting the movie player directly from the OS, and support for adding reflective components.

  • Insanity's Milestone 3
  • Insanity's Milestone 4
  • Insanity's Milestone 5
  • Insanity's Milestone 6

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