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Squeamish: An AOL Instant Messenger Client

July 29, 2001


Squeamish is an AOL Instant Messaneger Clone in Squeak written by Dustin Holmes and Ryan Champney as a extra credit project. Squeamish uses the open AIM/TOC server to gain access to AOL Instant Messenger commands. Any user on any client can be contacted. Although all basic IMing and BuddyList features are supported Squeamish is still a work in progress.


  • Ryan Champney ( )
  • Dustin Holmes ( )
  • How To Use

    Any user that has an AOL/AIM account can sign on using Squeamish ( a name can be registerered for free here). Download the changeset here, unzip it where you have your image and file it in. To run Squeamish open a workspace and type "SignonWindow new" and do-it. Enter your name and password in the appropiate spaces and click Sign On. A buddy list window should pop up with all buddy's that are online. To add a buddy "menu-click" on the buddy list and choose "Add Buddy...". To send a message click on a users name in the buddy list and a message window will appear. Type your message in the lower box and click send.