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This semester's project was to build a movie editor. By the end of the semester, the movie editor could play: JPEG's, GIF's, MPEG's, MIDI's, WAV's, text messages, and buttons that the user created.

The project was broken into six milestones listed below. The first milestone was done individually, the rest were done in groups of 2-4. Our experience in each milestone is documented below.


Design is a critical element for success in cs2340 projects, and using UML to it's fullest will make your project easier. Throughout the semester we constantly revised our design. Several times our intial design was incomplete, but the ability to change it easily helped all of us understand the project and our code better. Our advice is to focus on your UML design and CRC cards, allow them to evolve throughout the semester, and revisit them frequently to make any necessary changes. Our UML diagrams are included for milestones
2-6 below.

Additionally, Squeak has many built in features that can make your implementaion simpler. Spend time getting to know some of the powerful built-ins that can turn coding horrors into one-liners. We experienced this several times where on a later milestone we revisited some code that had been written by hand that Squeak would have done for us.

Have Fun

This class really was a lot of fun. At first the environment is a little strange, but being able to higlight your code and "compile" it is so nice. No files and no core dumps. The editor in Squeak is not that great, but if you would like to use Emacs key bindings then download and file in this. The system is designed to allow its users to modify the system easily. If there is something you do not like, more than likely it can be modified. Just search through the system for you want and modify it to serve you.


Our team name was the first two letters of each member's first name. Our team members were:

Below are links to our experiences, designs, problems, and solutions to each milestone in the cs2340, Summer 2001, Squeak, Movie Editor.

Milestone 1: Basic Programmatic Interface

Milestone 2: Making Plans

Milestone 3: User Interface and Progress Control

Milestone 4: Media Types

Milestone 5: Saving to Disk

Milestone 6: Reflective Components

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