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Shafted Krispy Kreme: Case Page

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Welcome to the Shafted Krispy Kreme case page. This semester in CS2340, we are creating a Media player that can play Images, Text, MIDI, Wav, and even Mpeg files. What we will try to provide to you guys are tips and references for your own projects. Hope you guys do well, and remember, Start Early. We can not stress how important this is, you will thank us when you see other groups still in the CoC state lab 6 am in the morning the day its due.... (well if you see them then I guess you did not take our advice) ^.^

Team Members
Kuan-Hua Chen
Johny Franslay – "Da Donut man"
Daniel Schaeffer

On with the Good stuff......I think.....
Milestone 1: Basic Programmatic Interface
Milestone 2: First Group Meeting...
Milestone 3: First Group Squeaking
Milestone 4: Media Types...
Milestone 5: Saving/Loading , Auto run script
Milestone 6: Reflective Componets

Final Product (including'll like our demos)

Well Good luck Squeakers...we wish you the best...

p.s. Incase your project isn't working out...and you feel like you been us..we been there, done's something to cheer you up...

Disclaimer: Please don't do this in the CoC lab...

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