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Sum01 Final Exam Review: HCI Design

a) the engineers probably only considered their own needs, and not
those of their users
b) the designers probably didn't do enough research about who would be using the system

the designers should have made the simple parts of the interface configurable by a user.

c) you should NOT abandon standard design patterns without good reason. you should not
assume that users can easily figure out how a different interface works.

Careful with the wording of (c) – what "standard design patterns" do you mean? Also, what if those standards are idiotic? -Lex Spoon

It seemt to me that the real problem with C) is that the user has to learn two different actions based on where they click, with very little in program clues. Heck I had to read it twice just to figure out what was going on there. When they click on the top they click OK and when they click on the bottom they click CANCEL, controls within any certain system should be consistant. IE. you should always click one thing to proceed and a seperate thing to abort.

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