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CS2340 Summer 2001 - Making a Movie Editor.

See Summer 2001 Project Milestones for more info on projects.

       This semester's project was to build a movie editor capable of playing 8 different media types (images, WAVs, MIDIs, MPEGs, TXTs, and 3 fancy buttons).
The movie editor should be able to add/remove/modify/save and load any of these media types and they must be able to overlap.
In making the movie editor, our team faced many problems but overcame most of them.
In these cases pages, we've documented our major problems encountered, how we solved them, and also added an advice section.
Hopefully these pages will be helpful to future Squeak students.

Team Members:

Absolute Squeak's Milestone 2: Making Plans
Absolute Squeak's Milestone 3: User Interface and Progress Control
Absolute Squeak's Milestone 5: Saving to Disk
Absolute Squeak's Milestone 6: Reflective Components

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