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Double-Clickable Movies, Step by Step

Here is one step-by-step sequence for making double-clickable Squeak movie files:

1. Write some workspace code to read in a movie file and play it. This will be different for everyone's project, but it might look something like this:
| movie |
movie := KewlMovie readFromFileNamed: 'AlienSong.mpg'.
movie playAndWaitUntilDone
Smalltalk quit

Save it in a file named something like
. NOTE: this example code is missing one key bit of code. If you understand how this system works, then fixing the code should be easy.

2. Write a script file for your OS that executes Squeak with the following arguments: your movie-player image, the above script, and the arguments to the script file. On Windows it would look like this:
c:\blah\squeak c:\blah\kewlmovie.image c:\blah\ %1 %2 %3

On Unix it would look like this:
/usr/local/public/bin/squeak $HOME/kewlmovie/kewlmovie.image $HOME/kewlmovie/ $*

A good filename for Windows would be
, and on Unix, a good filename would be simply
. (On Unix, remember to "chmod +x playmovie" in order to make the file executable).

3. There is no step 3. On unix, type "playmovie foo.kewlmovie" and Squeak will open and play your movie. On Windows, drop "foo.kewlmovie" on top of "playmovie.bat". To make your movies double-clickable under MS Windows, double click on one movie, select "Other...", and choose

Your instructor knows nothing about Macs. Any Mac experts, feel free to add Mac instructions to this page....

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