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Summoner: Case Pages

Team Members:

Summer 2001 term project was to build a movie editor where a user will be able to
create their own movies by adding various media files and putting them together. The
movie player must support .gif, .jpg, .wav, .mid as well as mpeg files. The project
is divided in 6 milestones. These page will describe our initial approach, the problems
we ran into and the steps we took to remedy these problems. Also included at the bottom
of this page is a link to our finished project. We hope that all students taking this
class after us can benefit from these pages and avoid the pitfalls that we fell into.

One advice that we would like to give future students is to coordinate their group
efficiently. We ran into several problems with group meetings, people not keeping up with
deadlines and general lack of communication. Although we pulled it together anyhow, you
should not let it get out of hand. Set real deadlines and stick to them. Same with the
meetings. If someone is not puling their weight, be stern and tell them to get their act
together. Good luck in your term project.

And here are the case pages...

Summoner Milestone2 case page
Summoner Milestone3 case page
Summoner Milestone4 case page
Summoner Milestone5 case page

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