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Squeakers Anonymous: Cases Page

This is a case page. Its intent is to help future generations of squeakers make the most of this class (cs2340 or whatever it becomes). Here's the low-down: in this class you will have one major project that is divided into several milestones. The first milestone is an individual effort to help you get your feet wet and see what Squeak is all about. The remaining milestones are group efforts to help you develop design, evaluation, and teamwork skills. For the class of Summer 2001 we had to design and develop a movie editor. You can visit Summer 2001 Project Milestones to see the full specification.

Milestone 2: Making Plans
Milestone 3: User Interface and Progress Control
Milestone 4: Media Types
Milestone 5: Saving to Disk
Milestone 6: Reflective Components

Additional Resources:
XML Tutorial

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