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This page contains a list of software packages that look especially promissing for the Milestones. Add any entries you think of!


SqueakMap is a package catalog system for Squeak 3.2.1 and later versions. SqueakMap has become the standard way to register and make packages/applications available for Squeak users. You might find the illustrated SqueakMap How-To useful.

If you are using Squeak 3.4 or later, the bootstrap for SqueakMap is already included. Just open "Package Loader" from the World menu/"open..." submenu and SqueakMap will be installed.

You might find the following specific packages useful:

Promising Looking (try at your own risk)

Older suggestions

T-Gen(NEVER USE T-Gen) a parsing toolkit. Replaced by SmaCC.
Question 5(Design)-FILLER – ebuild files (unofficial) for Gentoo Linux. (Is it still unofficial?!?!)
HTTPView – a front end for creating dynamic web-pages using the Comache Web-Server

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