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GUI: Sqeakers Anonymous

To create a new frame you click on one of the buttons on the bottom left and a popup window will be displayed to get the necessary info. Then a new frame will be displayed on the left-hand scroll and the user clicks there to add a new "slice" to the movie. Again a popup menu will be displayed to get the necessary information. The new slice will then be displayed in the middle section. A slice or a frame can be changed/deleted from the popup menu displayed when they are clicked on. Any changes to a frame on the left-hand side will be reflected in its corresponding slices. The user can use the navigation keys on the top toolbar to view different sections of the movie. The numbers on the top toolbar correspond to the seconds of the movie currently being inspected. Finally the control buttons at the bottom right allow the user to perform the functionality they are labeled with. When the user presses the play button the screen will be wiped clean and only the movie and a tool bar with the play, pause, stop, ect. buttons will be displayed. The user brings the editing screen back up when he stops the movie. We are open to any comments, criticisms, suggestions, flames...
Uploaded Image: gui.jpg

This looks good! All the common features – add an item, browse the movie, modify/delete an item – are convenient. Plus the browsing mechanism presents a very nice visualization of the movie – the bars for each item make it clear.

One thing I wonder about is how quickly very new users will be able to figure out this UI. It's pretty clear, but it could be even clearer. Have you tried it out on one of your friends, for example?

Here are some ideas for making this UI even clearer:
  1. Put the word "add" somewhere in the bottom left pane. Perhaps even put it on every button. Alternatively, or additionally, put "Add Item" at the top of the pane.
  2. Put some text such as "operations" in the bottom right pane, so people can see what that pane is about.
  3. Does "speed" really work? You might want to have a "change speed" button, instead of having people type in the number directly, just to be consistent with the rest of the UI.
  4. The navigation bar at the top doesn't look like it is movable. I'm not sure exactly what to do for it, but it's something that could use help. Perhaps you could put the seconds bar one row lower, and make the top row be an actual scroll bar?

Just some ideas. What do others think? -Lex Spoon

Thanks for the suggestions! We are glad to have the input. We have already changed the speed setup (I need to update this page with our new GUI in my free time!) The new speed setup looks like the other buttons, only it has up and down arrows on it to let the user scroll to the speed they want. -Stephen Mallory Squeakers Anonymous
If you would like more detailed information on the development and evolution of our GUI visit the Squeakers Anonymous: Cases Page.

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