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Josh Stephens

This is about stuff

CS 4000 debate project

I encourage everyone who views this page to leave their mark. I don't care what, but do something (although please don't mess with something somebody else writes, unless it's done in a significantly humorous way, 'eh). In the future, I plan to add lots of blinking text and big big sized fontletterthings and jokes about you so everyone will come here to get their daily pissed-off.

The creeps I'm spending most of my time driveling out shotty code with are known as the David Bowie Programmers. I thought of calling ourselves David Bowie's Bastard Programmers, but I didn't think of it until after we had turned in milestone 2, so, um, yeah. Before you go committin' any kinda rock'n'roll suicide, watch out for..

The David Bowie Movie Maker

"My step-father looks just like David Bowie, but he hates David Bowie. I think Bowie's cool. I think Lodger rules. I think my stepdad's a fool."

I have a really really outdated web page that, I've been told, is relatively amusing, if only for a minute or two, 'eh. So yeah, for my page, lick here. But more importantly, for David Bowie's web page, ick here.!!!! teehee *drool*.!@$^%!#$!&W$^!!!

email me!!!!!!!

My team sucks: The David Bowie Movie Maker

Hi, I was bored here is Adv Comp Tech and I looked up my own name and here is what I found!!!! :)

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