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User Interface: Joe Blow

Okay, so I'll have a picture of a movie camera. If you want to add a new element to your movie, you click on the camera and type something like "add pic.gif 10 14". To get a summary of the movie, you click on the camera and type "summary". To change the time of a movie, you click on the camera and type "changetime 4 30 34" (to change the fourht picture).

Whaddya think?

Well it sounds like you've covered all the functionality. But clicking on the camera is going to be hard for someone to figure out if they don't know in advance. More importantly, while this is nominally a graphical UI, you are still asking users to remember a lot of text commands. It would be better if you provide menus or buttons to select features, so that new users can recognize the command they want instead of having to recall it.

Also, most UI's will be more complicated than this one, and so posting a sketch of the UI would be very helpful for people trying to understand how it works. -Lex Spoon

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