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SqWhining page

Hmmm... does anyone else think this CoWeb and Squeak stuff smells kind of... uh... different? Like anything else that's new, I'm sure somebody has some problems with it. So, in order to be productive about it, I thought I'd start the...

SqWhining page

Where you can whine about Squeak, the CoWeb, politics, the weather, or whatever else pisses you off today.

I really wish frozen meat came in a closed vacuum as opposed to frozen. Just think how convenient it would be if you could open your vacuum chamber, grab some chicken, and start cooking. Just think of the possibilities! Shaggz

Squeak Environment, Oh How I Love You?

For example:
Squeak : "The variable ""msName"" does not exit"
Me : Well, did I misspell it, let me check . . .
Squeak : "Changes have not been saved."
"Is it ok to cancel those changes?" . . .
Me : DOH!

Just for balance, let me complain about the language a little too:

Here is one possibility:
"Scope prefix"
"Type prefix"
For instance, is "aValue" the local variable, the parameter varible, or the instance variable. How about (value, pValue, mValue). Beyond that, how about telling us what kind of variable it is. How about (bValue, sValue, iValue, msName "oooh, mucho info here", sEtc). I know there are no types, but we are PROGRAMMERS, not 5th graders.

Jonathan D'Andries

There are no types in Smalltalk. The answer to the browser issue (and I do that all the time, too) is to open more browsers. Also, you can set your color schemes – see Preferences. Mark Guzdial

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