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Questions on Mini-Assignments

Chat about the mini-assignments here. What's the requirement? How do you do something? Whatever you want.

When is the first Mini-Assigment Due?

last Saturday night. Look on either Summer 2001 Class Schedule or Summer 2001 Mini-Assignments. -Lex Spoon

when I file out lets say a method, I get the *.st file. When I look in the file using notepad, it has little rectangles and exclamation marks everywhere. However, when I file it back in, It files in correctly with no trouble. Should I turn in the *.st file as it is or should I clean it up?
The "little rectangles and exclamation marks" =) are perfectly normal, so you don't have to worry about changing your st/cs files before you turn them in. Whatever you file out should file back in just fine if you leave it as is. The little rectangles are just a platform conversion problem (from my understanding, apparantly from \r\n escapes, or something similiar), and the exclamation points are used as delimiters for filing back in (have a look at fileInAnnouncing: in PositionableStream =) Shaggz
I found a workaround to this. This is for Win9x,NT,2000 users only. Open up the system browser and click on the category "System-Files". Now select the FileStream class and find a method named concreteStream on the "class" side. In the method body change the line that reads ^StandardFileStream to ^CrLfFileStream and accept the changes. Now when you file out the files will be nice looking and readable in windows.

How should we turn in m6? I mean since we are not writing a method and just using the worspace to write the code, how should we turn in that code?

Just put the workspace text in a file and submit that file. You can use cut-and-paste, or you can do it within Squeak by using the FileList. -Lex Spoon

Lex, can you please put the efficient solution for mini assignment 6(which you showed in class last thursday) on the solutions page? Thanks.

Well, I don't know what Lex did in class, but there is a working solution up on the solutions page. Shaggz
I've tweaked it, now, the way it was done in class, so that there is a collection of 3 PTM's instead of 3 individual variables. -Lex Spoon

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