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MFoV Media Player

At this point you may be asking yourself, what the hell is MFoV?
Good question. The MFoV, which is short for Municipal Fortress of Vengeance, is a group consisting of:

So where does MFoV come from anyways?
I'm so glad you asked. Justin is an avid watcher of Simpson's re-runs, and there is one episode where members of MENSA, including Lisa Simpson, take control of the Springfield city governement. One of the various changes they make is that instead of sending people a summons to serve jury duty at the local courthouse, the people now recieve summons to serve in the justice league at the Muncipal Fortress of Vengeance. Hence, the name. And of course, at the end of the episode Stephen Hawking shows up in a flying wheelchair, which has absolutely nothing to do with our group name.

Overall project goals
Our number one priority was writing an easy to use system that also had nice code. I'd say we did pretty good in both departments. As you will see, our GUI is not the most beautiful, but it works well, and is simple enough to use. The web interface is not as good in either of these departments, but as development went on, it got better.

And now onto the good stuff...

MFoV P1 cases page
MFoV P2 cases page
MFoV P5 cases page
MFoV P6 cases page

Here's a link to the finished project. For full funcitonality, be sure and read the included readme.txt file. (325 KB)

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