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Sp01 Final Exam Review: Tradeoffs

See Final Exam Review - Sp2001

Comments? Answers? Criticisms?

1. Strength of MVC: A OO Based design. The model need not know the view. Instead the model(s) change only on the update method.
2. It is also good because the update method goes to all its dependeny so it is highly reuseable.

The weakness:
1.Every view had to update when it goes the update message. Even if the view does not need to change, the view still has to process the update method. This is very inefficient.
2. It gets very comfusing when the view had to depend on more then 1 model.

The example of a good use of MVC is in MS word... The documents are only depend on 1 model therefore the View can be "Plugabble".
A bad example of MVC is if the view depends on 2 or more instacne of the models then the view may get confused which one to update.
OOA/D/P Strength:
1. Easy to maintain.
2. The Parts are Indenpendent 1 failing will not cause the others to fail
3. a OO design helps in debugging as well as building of systems.
OOA/D/P weakness:
1. Slow not ideal if it is not going to be used again.
You want to use OO in large projects what requires maintance after releasing

You don't wan to use OO in small projects taht have a small budget.

Java is good for networking and big company website's URL processing. Squeaks is not stable enough for that...

I am drawing a blank in terms of what squeak is good for... I guess all budge programs. Because it has a lot of thing already writen for u.
all = low
OO programming increases programmer efficiency but can decrease program efficiency. A small project on a small budget would probably BENEFIT from OO programming Bryan Kennedy

Squeak is great for neat little gui or interactive type projects.
It is portable. It is horrible for projects where memory is very precious. Something like C would be better.

I think these are probably more of an OO description than squeak specifically.
The main difference that arises between Squeak and Java in my mind is types. If you want a lax language where typing isn't so much an issue Squeak is good.

actually that part about memory, after further study, was unfounded. I
guess the time it would be good to use C would be if you wanted to...actually I'm drawing a blank on this.
C would be used if you want speed. OO vm-type stuff is SLOW.

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