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Sp01 Final Exam Review: MVC vs. Morphic

See Final Exam Review - Sp2001

Comments? Answers? Criticisms?

a. MVC would be good to use when writing software for a cell-phone. MVC is fast and it's simple. Only one controller can be active at a time, but that's all you would need in a cell phone.

b. A program that creates Flash movies would be an example of when Morphic should be used. You want something that provides concrete realism (WYSIWYG). In addition, animation and multimedia are much easier to implement in Morphic. Morphic allows for multiple Morphs to be active at once. This could come in handy if you have multiple objects in your Flash presentation moving at the same time.

c. Three major design differences
The model view and control are kept seperateThe model view and control are combined by default. The programmer must work to seperate the three
only 1 controller can be active at a timemultiple Morphs can be active at a time (animation and the step message come in handy)
A bad dream from the '70sMore elegant look, more flexible, multimedia support
... err, this is 4 differences, ... but fast/slow probably doesn't fall under design differences
Doug Powers

In both environments, you can make both 70's psychadelic interfaces and plain-gray interfaces if you want. This is a programming system, after all! The other arguments are great. -Lex Spoon
a. Name an application where MVC is preferable to Morphic.

anything where you want to separate the view from the model, loosely coupled. e.g. Clock, JukeBox, Windowing systems

b. Name an application where Morphic is preferable to MVC.

Animation (hard to do in MVC), Multimedia (no support in MVC)
e.g. Making a ball bouncing animation (just like in the Squeak book)

c. Identify three major design differences between Morphic and MVC.

Loosely coupled, models do not have to know what views they have and their propertiesClosely coupled, models and views must know one another specifically
Multiple views from one modelViews and models do not have such a relationship
Model/View/Controller separate from one another, Clean OOAll combined, no clear separation


is there a Morphic paradigm? i mean i guess there certainly is - if you take the ideas of Morphic about making the objects concrete. But we made the distinction btwn MVC as a paradigm and MVC as the Squeak workspace. I am fuzzy on a distinction between Morphic in Squeak and an OO design discipline.... (fuzzy about the terminology, opposed to the concepts of Morphic v. MVC)...

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