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See Final Exam Review - Sp2001

Comments? Answers? Criticisms?

Sequence Diagram:
This type of diagram can be used to demonstrate the flow of control for a certain part of a program. It shows how objects in the system interact based on messages sent and returned.

How does it differ from a collaboration diagram? Your description doesn't make the difference clear. Mark Guzdial

Use case diagrams. These show the interactions between the users of the system and the system itself on a conceptual level, and it does not include the details of the system design.
What's a "system design"? That's not a UML diagram name that I recognize. Mark Guzdial

Maybe I can rephrase "system design" as the way the objects are allocated responsibilities and the way objects communicate with one another (collaborate) within the entire framework of the OO software.

The only real difference between a seq diagram and a collaboration diagram is that a collaboration diagram uses numberings for the sequence in which messages are sent between objects. Also the way a collaboration is drawn is different.

Sounds cleaner. Others? Mark Guzdial

Sequence Diagram
A sequence diagram presents an interaction in terms of a set of messages sent between objects that all work together to provide a desired operational result (which is its main difference from a collaboration diagram which shows collaboration and association between instances in a system). A sequence diagram has a vertical dimension that represents time (which proceeeds down the page) and a horizontal dimension that represents different objects.

/ \
User AudioPlayer PlayList MPEGPlayer
# play# | |
#————-># nextSong | |
# #——————># /\ |
# # diskPath # ||1 second |
# #<- - - - - - - - - # \/ |
# reportStatus # | playFile: # /\
#<-------------#---------------------------------># ||
# # | # || duration
# # | # || of
# # done | # || song
# reportStatus #<- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -# \/
#< - - - - - - # | |
| | | |
| | | |

From this diagram, we can see that most of the time in the play method is spent telling the MPEGPlayer to play and it only takes a brief moment to get the diskPath of the next song in the playlist.

Doug Powers

Would CRC cards count??
It descirbles the function of each class as well as what other classes it need to get its jobs done???
How far off am i?

CRC cards are not part of the UML spec.
Doug Powers

What are the UML Spec.

The UML Specifications can be found at:
Doug Powers
u got a page where it summarizes the stuff man. That PDF IS 808 pages long. I got 14 hrs to the final

how about looking in UML distilled, the required textbook for 2335
state diagram / state chart : describes all the different states an object can get into and possibly what caused state transitions.
dr octagon


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