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Here is our UI. Yes, the squeak gif blocks the song names; we had a transparent one but it got lost when changed their website (or either it just won't go behind the PluggableListMorph nicely),
Uploaded Image: chickenchicken.gif

here is web interface, it is quite silly you see
Uploaded Image: chicken1.jpg
Uploaded Image: chicken2.jpg
eventually we will have the fully dancing chicken morph and you will marvel at its inspirational post-Napsterrist persona (indeed it will be as vibrant as you and I)


What's the procedure for starting the Morphic interface? When you start it, the Search opens? Or the SqueakAmp first? Then, off a search, the playlist opens? What happens if you hit the Play button on SqueakAmp before doing a search or making a selection? Mark Guzdial

ah —- the Blue Morph opens first. Hitting play or stop is disabled unless a PlayList is loaded. So, you can then load a previously saved playlist straight from opening the playlistwin from there, or pop open the search window. The search window takes the input and creates a new playList, opens/reopens in PlayListWIndow, and then closes itself. If you do not make a selection it plays from song #1, else it plays from the selected index. I suppose our idea for the blue "squeakamp" was to act as a control panel. The JukeBox stays around as long as its open. Webb

The idea is for it to work a lot like XMMS, Winamp, and the like. Michael Richardson

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