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Here's our morphic gui. The user's already shown his developed musical taste by loading up some cloudskipper and is looking to add some classical tunes to the mix.
Uploaded Image: squeamp.jpg
And here's our web ui. It's cobbled together from screenshots taken using netscape 6.
Uploaded Image: squeamp_web.jpg


The Web one is really slick! I'm concerned about the order of events in the Morphic version (same as in the chicken one). What happens if I hit play before picking a song? What comes up first? Second? Mark Guzdial

When you first run 'JukeBox start' you get the player and an empty playlist. A popup box asks you if you want an empty playlist or if you want to search for songs. If you press play without any songs in the playlist then nothing happens. –Bryan

Way to be evangalistic about our UI, Bryan! :-) I just thought I would add that, by default, if you click play it starts playing the first song on the list. For more information on our UI, you can check out our cases page Doug Powers

We were visiting.

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