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Questions on Sp2001 P7 Milestone

Ask about P7 here: Playlists, Morphic, Web, Disk and Web – EVERYTHING!

the behavior of the Jukebox is invisible to the user, but should we still let the user choose what kind of search they want? I think it would be nice to just type in a search without choosing directories or websites, but this assumes a local repository is set up for the local mp3's. So, i guess my question is - can we toss the directory choosing out and hard code a local mp3 directory into the searching? Webb
local mp3's , midi's, wav's aiffs i mean
If you were to remove the ability to choose your search directories for the disk, wouldn't that remove most of the usefulness of the search, unless you merely forced the search to start from /, or something similiar? The way it seems to me is that the milestone doesn't really specify that you need to change your interfaces for searching from the disk/web at all, only that you need to change the way your playlist behaves to accomodate both disk and web based mp3's. That way, you could do a search on your disk, add some songs from it to your playlist, and then go and do a search on the web, and add those songs to the same playlist, whereupon you would have songs from both places on the same list. You could then save/load this list, delete files from it, play the songs, etc.... I would suspect it would be easiest for the user if your playlist doesn't show the full path of the song ( /squeak/songie.mp3, or ), just the name/artist. That's my take on things. Helpful? Shaggz
I agree with Shaggz (at least, the parts I followed :-). I'm fine with making directory selection an OPTION and providing a useful DEFAULT. Sounds like good HCI design. Mark Guzdial
I don't think I was being all that incoherent, thank you very much. =) Shaggz
very well, I'm having a terrible time with faulty midi's and faulty links —- is there a quick way to check if a MIDI file or stream is valid (for MP3 there sure is)? also is there an easy way to check if a URL is valid? the dang popup message freezes PWS. thanks,
Suggestion: Catch the error with ifError: or via Exceptions – both discussed in the textbook. Mark Guzdial

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