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Lab 9 - Spring 2001 (Due 4/04/2001)

White Box Testing Lab

This lab is to be done in teams of 2 people - you select your partner.
You are given an application to test.

Given the following problem and solution:
Highway Simulation Application

Test the application using WHITE BOX testing techniques.

White Box Testing Hints

White Box Testing is sometimes called "glass box testing," since you actually have access to the code to develop and run your test cases. But you should try to ignore the code and think of hard cases!

Mike talked in class about specific coverage measures:
Here are some suggestions:
Remember, a test case should be designed so that it can be recreated. It must include the following

We've introduced several bugs in the solution you are testing. But grading for this lab is not based solely on how many of them you are able to find. Instead, you will be graded on your ability to develop as complete a set of test cases as possible. But so that no one has to ask, the range of known bugs in the solution is 15-25.

Defect Log

Remember that solving one problem may create others. You should fix as many bugs as you can find, but you may need to rerun previous run tests to check for new defects. STRONG SUGGESTION: Use your defect log as a tool to track! You should keep a defect log recording any and all defects found and how you solved the problem. This can be done in a simple text file using the following table format:
# Date Time Description of Defect Solution Attempted Result

Corrected Code

Your corrected code should pass the test cases you've written and were able to correct.

Grading Criteria

What to turn in

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