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Spring 2001 UI Review

I'm hearing all kinds of things about the UI's submitted for P2 and P4. Let's talk about them, like was done for the Spring 2000 UI Review.

Groups found it really useful last year. This is totally optional, and no impact on grade (except that the review MIGHT lead to you IMPROVING your user interface!). Mark Guzdial

Groups Pages

Echoo...Echoo....Echoo... Wow. Sure is empty around here.
Guess everyone is getting an A on their UI's, and nobody needs any suggestions or tips on them. Yup, they just want to hang out in the newsgroups where it's awfully hard to see someone's UI. Yup... Mark Guzdial


i wanna see more, come on!
I agree! These are cool so-far – show off your work!
Mark Guzdial