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Implementing Jukeboxes in Browsers

You may be wondering, "How am I going to get a browser to play MULTIPLE files, like a jukebox?" We were wondering the same thing!

We have three suggestions for how to do it, and you're welcome to pick any one you want (but warn your TA which one you're doing, in your writeup, because some of these are browser-specific):

1. Figure out the length of the song, and generate an HTML page with the song embedded that reloads after so many seconds. Shaggz will explain how to do this one.
Reload fun

2. Use multi-part MIME encoding to send all the files one right after the other. Problem is that not all browsers know how to deal with multi-part MIMEs (Netscape generally does, IE generally does not). Lex will explain this one. Multipart Responses in HTTP

3. Finally, you can write a Squeak plugin that handles the playback for you. This is the hardest one to implement and lets you avoid completely formatting your interface in HTML. You're welcome to do this, but we're not going to explain how.

Mark Guzdial

4. Andrew Hilton suggests Playing Multiple Sounds Using JMF.

5. Can we use a pop-up windows that loads a M3U playlist file remotely to achieve the effects of playing multiple sound files? We believe this solution is clean, easy to implement, and has good cross-platform compatibilities due to the fact that most media players today support M3U playlist file format.

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