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Lab 5 - Spring 2001 (Due 2/21/2001)

Due February 21, 2001 in class

The purpose of this lab is to learn how to first conduct object oriented analysis and design and at the same time to move to a different environment. This is a design lab only - no implementation required for turnin. However, you may have to try some things out in order to complete your design.

NOTE: Next week, Exam 1 will be held during the CS 2341 lecture period. There will be no lab meeting on exam day. Lab 6 will not be due until March 7th.




The Mouse that Squeaked!

Unbeknownst to you, the Squeak gurus at the Disney Imagineering Research and Development have been checking your progress in the class and have been very impressed with your work. They have currently just started working on a product for kids to play with in their theme parks such as the Magic Kingdom and the Epcot Center. The product is tentatively called ?Make-Over-Mickey?. As the name implies, the children will interact with a virtual Mickey Mouse doll. They can make him wear different type of shirts, pants, and shoes. This is where you come into the picture. The Disney folks are asking you to design the application for them. They are stuck on where to start and need your expertise.

So for this lab, we will design a cad system to outfit Mickey Mouse!

Here's a link for a very elaborate example built by Shaggz:
File it in and try it out!

We're going to try something a bit less complex. Mickey Mouse should have the following components: head, shirt, right boot, left boot, and pants.

Uploaded Image: mickey.jpg

A user will be able to dress Mickey Mouse the way he/she wants.

You will have to find a class that draws a rectangle and another that draws an oval. You will have to create the following classes: Head, Shirt, LeftBoot, RightBoot, and Pants by combining rectangles, lines, ovals, and any other shapes you see fit to use. You want to be able to support the creation of different type of shirts, pants, boots, etc. The parts should be of fixed size, but could be resized by specifying the aspect ratio. For example if I want to create a head twice as large I can say 'head size: 2'. If I want to make a head twice as small I'd say 'head size: '. Default size of the head should be the one you chose. The user should be able to select a color for each article of clothing.

Uploaded Image: clothes.jpg

Now, you will have to choose a default location in your display window for the piece of clothing to appear. Every time the piece of clothing is created, it will be placed in that default location. The user then should be able to move that piece of clothing anywhere he/she wants in your cad window.

User interface:

You should provide a full graphical user interface.

Here is what your program should do:


What to Turn In for this Lab:

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