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Sp2001 Midterm Review: Write Smalltalk Code

Write ST code to build the figure:

You have to fix a bug to make the following work: 8-)
Scamper openOnUrl:

pen text
pen _ Pen new.
pen up; goto: 100@100; down.

"drawing rectangle 1"
2 timesRepeat: [
pen turn:90; go: 70; turn: 90; go: 40.
"drawing rectangle 2"
pen up; goto: 110@110;down.
2 timesRepeat: [
pen turn:90; go: 50; turn: 90; go: 20.
text _ 'cs2340' asDisplayText.
text displayAt: 115@112.
Bharath Hemachandran

need this b4 "text displayAt: 115@112."
text foregroundColor: Color black backgroundColor: Color transparent.

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