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Sp2001 Midterm Review: Design the ability to Phone Home

Design the phone home here:

Anyone have a good online reference to UML specs? Shane Mark Guzdial

External Image

Is this the correct implementation of the UML for this problem?

Arkady Shraybman

Won't VCR have a Talks To relationship with TV?
As in VCR class ———- TV class...
Since a VCR cannot record without turning a TV on or off.
The reason that the relation between TV and VCR has to a dependency relationship is because a VCR is not connected to a TV but only uses the TV methods whenever it need to switch the TV on and set the channel to the record channel...

Otherwise I did it the same way although the methods should not have a () at the end :)
Bharath Hemachandran

External Image
Here is the updated version of the UML. Mark, can you verify that this is correct?
Arkady Shraybman

what software are you using to get those nifty diagrams, it isn't BOOST is it? Shane

it's not smalltalk compatible, since he probably can't get rid of those () at the end of method names
You know, the description makes no mention of the VCR and TV being connected. For all we know, the VCR is hooked up to a completely other cable line in the house. - MFB

In real life, the TV does not have to be on, or set to a correct channel, in order for the VCR to record... -Laura Nathanson

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