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hmm... this swiki smells funny.

maybe someone needs to clean out his cage.

A bug in Squeak for Linux?

I've had a problem loading BookMorphs in Squeak for Linux. I think the problem is related to how Squeak handles file pathnames in the Linux port. Read about my problem and observations at

and tell me what you think.

As of 2000.01.20, the Squeak development community is aware of this problem, and a (temporary) fix exists for Linux users. I've fileIn'ed the fix, and it works fine. Read about it (and get the fix) at Bert on Linux Bookmorphs. Thanks to "Bert" for the fix, and Mark Guzdial for bringing the problem out in the Open.

Of particular interest from "Bert"'s message is the formal description of URI (Uniform Resource Identifiers), which I think is quite informative, and anyone living in cyberspace should at least look it over.

Pissed off?

Something bothering you today? Is that funky Squeak widget messing with your mojo? Visit my SqWhining page and tell us about it.

Disclaimer: With this "negative" focus I seem to have on this here page, I hope you don't get the impression that I don't like Squeak or SmallTalk. I happen to think it's pretty spiffy. It's one of those treasures that history has forgotten about... but only recently beginning to rediscover. =)

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