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I don't like this coweb deal.

Yes, my brain is very small.

Still, I think these pages are very unintuitive. So this semester is going to be my personal battle against all this chaos.

Do we ask questions here or on the newsgroup? Both are filled at an expanding rate to make my head explode.

Why in the world do I want to make my own personal webpage on the class website? Why can I edit random pages?

I guess this coweb thing is (suitably) a lot like squeak. Sortofa cool idea, but not really all that useful.

Anyway, my name is Joey. My email address is joeytsai at

I don't know why you'd want to email me, but you're more than welcome to.

Or, instant-message me. I love these things!
aim: joeytsai
icq: 4314877

Links for my sanity (useful page links in one place!):

General CS 2340 Stuff: readme, announcements, admin, project "milestones" (overview)

Project 1: turning in, questions about, playing mpegs