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Playing MPEG files in Squeak

This page is old. It could seriously use updating....

Mpeg is newly supported in Squeak, and requires two things: a plugin and a changeset. Get each one loaded in turn.

The Plugin

On College Machines

On the Unix machines, the plugin is already installed.

On the Windows NT machines, the plugin is already installed; see Squeak in the States Cluster.

On Macs, download the stuff as described below.

On Personal Machines

It used to be that obtaining the plugin was difficult. However, all the standard VM's ship with Mpeg3Plugin nowadays. So, follow the instructions on Running Squeak.

The Changeset

If you are using something older than Squeak 3.1, you need to grab this changeset:

Probably, however, you just want to use a newer Squeak.

Actually playing MPEG Files

What? You though this page would tell you how to play MPEG files in Squeak?!

Seriously, do a "find" for classes including the string "MPEG" in them, and read the class comments. There are some with very clear comments on what to do. There is also a very nice morphic MPEG player; you can read its code to see how to handle MPEG's in your own programming.

A Warning About File Paths

In the Windows version of Squeak, relative file names are relative to the location of the VM, not to the image. So if your VM is in S:\Apps\Squeak, and your image is in H:\Squeak, and you try to open "foo.mp3" in Squeak, then Squeak will try to load S:\Apps\Squeak\foo.mp3!

Furthermore, on NT, there is a problem using paths with the character '-' in them – watch out!

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