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CS2340 Spring 2001 Co-Web Index

The Eclectic Conglomeration

  • ChokSheak Lau
  • Loi Nguyen
  • Sina Eghrari
  • Khoa Ho
  • Veena Kolanu

      As you might already know, the CS 2340 Swiki Co-Web is a big collection of course-relevant / trivial / out-dated materials that are often not looked on too favorably by the students. Well, I'm not saying the Co-Web is a bad idea, but if you're new to Squeak, then this whole Co-Web thing appears to be a cartoonish and uncomplicated collection of web pages that have been put up by professors and students alike ( who then leave the old pages as they are ). I have no idea how long any of the webpages is going to last within a coweb since they can be volatile and are editable by anyone, without needing a password, and so nothing stays permanent in the coweb! Great flexibility, but perhaps too much of it does not do too well. The more official pages are seldom editable though, so if you want to do mischief, you can't really do it with the Edit feature.      :-)

Navigating the Co-Web

      By digging through the coweb to collect enough information for this essay, I've dug out quite a number of Spring 2000 and Summer 2000 related webpages that are left standing in the coweb until they are finally removed. There are a few broad categories that we can perhaps classify the pages into:
  • Administrative pages (maintained by the professors and TAs)
  • Milestones pages
  • CS2341 Lab pages
  • Personal webpages (lots of empty pages with a name on top)
  • Exam review pages
  • Miscellaneous pages (pages that you don't want to look at)
It turns out that the very important pages are already linked from the main administrative pages. The pages that are not linked from any other pages are usually not worth looking at (such as out-dated move reviews) and almost always out-dated. Therefore, if you were to stick to using the links that are provided from the CS2340 Class Admin Page (Page 5), and also the links provided by the TAs in the newsgroups, then you'll be able to get the gist from the coweb.

Primary Links

      The number one link (Page 1) is the page that you see when you enter the URL from your web-browser. Followed by that you'll be able to visually spot some links that seem to be important, the main few of them are the CS2340 Class Administration Pages (Page 5), Readme First (Page 16) and FAQ (Page 13). Now I didn't find all these stuff as informative as I thought they would be, so it's still up to us people to make the coweb more navigable. At the top of every coweb page, you'll find the circular buttons in yellow color and black background. To know what each of these buttons do, you may click on the Help button (the right-most one), and that would take you to the Help page (Page 'help') where there'll be information on using the coweb. Believe me, you don't need the help page unless you're trying to become a coweb geek (which doesn't guarantee an A in the course anyway).

Academically Informative Pages

      The academically informative pages provide the instructions for each assignment and help you in your assignments and preparing for the exams. If you want to look at the big project for Spring 2000, then you can find them at Spring 2000 Project Assignment Description (Page 12) and Spring 2000 Project Milestones (Page 23). The corresponding pages for our semester, Spring 2001, are located at Spring 2001 Project Assignment Description (Page 1056) and Spring 2001 Project Milestones (Page 1057). To turn in a milestone project, you need the information in Spring 2001 Turnin Information (Page 1052).

      To prepare for the Final Exam in Spring 2001, you need this Final Exam Review - Sp2001 page (Page 1280). This is linked from the master link at Reviews (Exams) (Page 35).

      If you're taking CS 2341 (the lab part) together with CS 2340, then you will have good use of CS2341 Administration Pages, (Page 167), otherwise you wouldn't need to look at it at all.

      Finally, to find out what the professors are teaching in this course, you can use Learning Objectives (CS2340) (Page 20) and Spring 2001 Lecture Schedule (Page 1054).

JukeBox-Ready Links

      Whenever the need arises, the helpful TAs would put up new pages to deal with the crises that are pending us students taking this students. These crises are difficult problems that we have to tackle in order to get our little buggy jukebox to play music smoothly without crashing the computer (and Squeak) at the same time.

      The first major problem that we have to overcome came in the few weeks before Milestone 4 was due in March 13th, 2001 (including the week of Spring Break which was the week right before that!). We were faced with the immense challenge of having to play multiple files through the web-browser over the WWW, and at first I was stumped. How were we to play multiple files over the WWW? I've seen websites that let us play one file at one time, but not multiple files. So the TAs got their brains cracking to come up with the solution to our predicament. Sure enough, the TAs gallantly saved the day by posting the solutions on this webpage: Implementing Jukeboxes in Browsers (Page 1250), with three unique ways of solving the problem. Until today, the number of solutions has grown to five. (So it really wasn't as impossible as we thought it was)

      The next major problem that crushed our spirits badly (ok, maybe not yours, but mine at least) is to get files from the WWW and play them on our jukebox. This time, the TAs seemed to be cooler than before, and they were very confident that they are able to do it. We had to do two different websites: and is the easy one. is slightly more tricky as it links all the way back to for the URLs of the music files and we have to go through all that website linking and tracing to do that stuff. This time round, Mr Lex Spoon, head TA, posted this How to Mine Web Pages (Page 1271) page and also personally went to class to explain how we can overcome the HTML monster. With all this help, we were finally able to achieve our objective (and get all the files we want from!).

      Above all, I'm gladest that there are two (not more) major challenges in our Milestones, and that is enough to make us lose sleep at night and sweat profusely at the thought of Squeak.      ;->

Other Stuff

      There are various other pages which are in the coweb that I did not cover in my discussion here. Well, I never used those other pages, so I would say that they're really not a must for everyone to read them. I have provided a summary of the more generally informative links at the bottom of this page for convenience. I did not include any of the spectacular personal homepages or team homepages found in the coweb and any of the stuff that does not relate to the course in general.

      Hope you'll find this index helpful!

~ ChokSheak Lau
My JukeBox Case Page

1 - top
2 - whos who
3 - mark guzdial
4 - hotspots
5 - CS2340 Class Administration Pages
6 - Statement on Privacy
7 - Spring 2000 Lecture Schedule
8 - Book Information
9 - Official Errata Page (Book)
10 - Submit Errata (Book)
11 - Downloads
12 - Spring 2000 Project Assignment Description
13 - FAQ
14 - Squeak FAQ
15 - CS2340 FAQ
16 - Readme First
17 - Cases
18 - Extra Credit
19 - Honor Statement
20 - Learning Objectives (CS2340)
21 - Grading Policy
22 - Criteria for Good OOA/D
23 - Spring 2000 Project Milestones

31 - Sandbox
32 - Personals

35 - Reviews (Exams)
36 - How to Read BookMorphs (Spring 2000)

96 - Announcements (Spring 2001)

167 - CS2341 Administration Pages

192 - Team Issues
193 - Where to ask questions

228 - Etc

577 - Final Projects

1052 - Spring 2001 Turnin Information
1053 - Spr2001: Which TA Grades Which Students
1054 - Spring 2001 Lecture Schedule
1055 - Spring 2001 TA Office Hours Schedule
1056 - Spring 2001 Project Assignment Description
1057 - Spring 2001 Project Milestones
1058 - Questions on Sp2001 P1 Milestone
1059 - Questions on Sp2001 P2 Milestone
1060 - Questions on Sp2001 P3 Milestone
1061 - Questions on Sp2001 P4 Milestone
1062 - Questions on Sp2001 P5 Milestone
1063 - Summer 2000 Who's Who
1064 - Spring 2001 General Chatter

1079 - Sp2001 Team-Forming Discussion

1199 - Spr2001: Which TA Grades Which Group Assignments

1202 - Spr2001: Which TA Grades Which Individual Assignments

1248 - Spr2001: Midterm: Which TA Graded Which Question

1250 - Implementing Jukeboxes in Browsers
1251 - Reload fun (Implementing Jukeboxes in Browsers)
1252 - Multipart Responses in HTTP (Implementing Jukeboxes in Browsers)

1262 - Spring 2001 UI Review

1264 - Questions on Sp2001 P6 Milestone
1265 - Questions on Sp2001 P7 Milestone

1270 - Spr2001: CS2341 Midterm:  Which TA Graded Which Question
1271 - How to Mine Web Pages
1272 - Mining WWW Pages is Stupid (How to Mine Web Pages)

1280 - Final Exam Review - Sp2001

1300 - Spr2001: Which TA Grades Which Lab Assignments

help - Help Guide to CS2340 CoWeb

Pages 1305 and onwards do not exist

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