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Sami Deen

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Office Hours
Monday 9:00 - 10:00
Wednesday 9:00 - 10:00
Other times by appointment (send email so we can set up a time ).

States Cluster OR CoC Benches
I am always present for my office hours.

If you don't see me, check the whiteboard on the door of the TA lab.
Look around for me.
If you still don't see me, wait a while (if you have the time).
If you still don't find me, email me and we will set up a specific time for you.

How I Grade
I'm generally lenient in my grading. I don?t look for anything more than the milestone instructions ask for. For example if the milestone instruction says ?your program must be able to add 1 + 1. That is what I will check for. I will not check to see if your program can add 7.21234 + 8.6654. You can always check with me to clear up how I will be testing.

That being said, please note that I check for everything the milestone requires to be present. For each milestone you will see a very clear checklist with percentages for each item. In general 50% of the grade is based on the code and 50% on the documentation. I have seen team projects that have 110% working code get a 75% for a milestone grade because they simply neglected to turn in a couple of pieces of documentation. On the other hand I?ve seen group projects where the code was dismal, but the milestone received 80% or better ( all documentation present = 50% of final milestone grade, 60% of project working = 30% of final milestone grade, total = 80%). Documentation is an easy way to lose points, and also an easy way to gain points.

Documentation grading: I check documentation carefully up to the third project. This way I can see what the teams basic strategy will be. After that I look to see that it is present, and of the right form. In short, take the time to do it and you will get the points for it.

How to get better grades
Come and see me to go over the milestone grade. This is not a chance for me to put you down, instead it is a way for you to show me stuff. In general every group that takes the time to come, and get their graded milestone, and go over it with me easily walk away with an extra 5% to 10% on their overall grade. Often times a TA will not see how you?ve presented a piece of documentation, or what exact steps need to be taken to make a particular feature of your code work.

Advanced Advice
Think outside the box. For each milestone always think about how easy it would be to extend any of the features you are building. The requirements on the milestone page should be seen as a skeleton or framework for your project. They are the bare minimum requirements. If your milestone design is only good enough to satisfy your current requirements, it will give you a lot of problems when you have to build on it. You should be able to build out from most any feature you have in your project. For example, if you are asked to parse and load a JPEG file, your design should be built with the expectation that it WILL be extended to be able to load other kinds of image files, and later, that it will be extended so that it can load all kinds of multimedia files. So from having 1 method somewhere to load the file, you would consider having the code in a class that can be reusable. Then you could consider building a hierarchy for the class so that you have a way to use different parsers, and different data structures with your design. If your design is built to only load a JPEG file, it is only good enough to get through cs2340, but it is not worth much in the way of advanced design. Often you may find you have many classes with only a few methods in them. Further, those methods may have only a few lines of code in them. This is FINE and GOOD code, as long as the classes were designed with a view to ease of reuse and extendibility.

If you took the time to make your project really good, I?m generally more lenient than usual. If I can see that you?ve got the stuff to make it work well, that?s good enough for me. If you fall in this category please note that you still have to be able to check off everything on the milestone checklist! You will know if you are proficient with squeak by the second or third milestone.

Good Luck.

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