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Sp2001 Team-Forming Discussion

I am searching for a team that needs another person. If this is you then email me (duff@cc).

If you want a great team with stock options, 401k, full medical/dental, then you know who to call (it sure as hell isn't us, but we know how to have a good time and get results ;)

Need a team member? email me. Randy Rockinson, gte043w@...

Searching for a team to join. Alex Carlson,

Looking for a team, email at

Also looking for a team, email

Looking for a team, email

Also looking for a team. email gte999p@prism

Looking for a team. email

We are House Atreides. Currently three members.

All kneel before The Municipal Fortress of Vengeance

First team announcement: Amy Hurst and Robert McGuire form "Team Blue"

You actually don't have to ANNOUNCE teams here, but that's fine to do. I'm more interested in people posting:
Mark Guzdial

do we have to turnin who is on our team to any one?
russ paul
Just on P2 handin. Mark Guzdial

I'm looking for a team. anyone interested please email me.
Brian Wojick

Composed of Amit Taank, Nitika Kohli, Ajay Kalyan, and Tali Padan.
yeah, ok.

We never sleep. We're The Insomniacs.
Kiana Tennyson, Ernest Kyle Oliver, Peter Dillinger, and Nitesh Singh.

POOP.ZIP - composed of Ben Garrison, Justin Fisher, Beth Guthrie.

We are the DragonBallz
Marshall Brian Upshur, April Yvette Holmes.
If you are lonely, kindly go super sayan and join the force.
andrew harp, webb mcdonald, michael richardson, & jason sutton
"Plumage not Piracy" - ChickenAmp2001

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