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Spring 2001 General Chatter

Chatter away!
can do! Shaggz
Anyone know if we have 2341 lab tomorrow? I remember McCracken saying that we might not need to actually GO to lab for the first lab. I missed 2341 lecture today, so that's why I'm asking. -Matt
It seems the 2341 Administration coweb hasn't been updated for this semester. Since I'm unable to make it to the first lab today I was hoping to work on it remotely. Any suggestions? Shane
This is probably a bit late, but the 2341 information is coming up in pieces. Lab 3 is available, and the turnin info is pretty much ready. Shaggz
Probably the same place the cowebs usually go. Down. =( Shaggz
why is smalltalk called smalltalk?
b/c bigtalk sounded dumb?
i looked around and i think its just cause the language is sposed to be like a person talking to the computer - just with small sentences? JoeBox move Mainscreen turnOn