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Summer 2000 Who's Who

CS2340, Summer 2000 Class

Please be careful NOT to rename this page - just add your name to the bottom of this list, with asterisks around it, then save the page. Click the "create" button to create your page, then edit it away! (See Using this CoWeb for more on what you should be doing here.) Please do NOT lock this page! It's a shared resource!

Mark Guzdial, Instructor and Jovial Host
Rich LeBlanc, Instructor and Jovial Host
Jason Bos
Hoang Nguyen
Chris Geihsler
Nick Underwood
Thomas Annandale
Michael Langford
Andy Fortier
Anthony Colatrella
Zachary Ross
Rich Glazerman
Khoa Ho
Jacklyn Reeves
Anhthu T. Ngo
Chau TranVo
Patel Gayatri
Toan Vu
John Nowell
Jamin Hogan
Adam Blaiss
Cindy Puett
Steve Bachman
Michael Tiffany
Daniel Gredler
Ben Medlin Jr.
Shaun McCarty
Mike Maniscalco
Michael Lawler
Seth Markle
Nghi Le
Greg Bosworth
Le, Hoa Van
Thienan Trong Nguyen
David Dailey
Chris Campbell
Vandana Voruganti
Keisuke Nishino
Daniel Phommathep
Tam Minh Tran
Russ Dunbar
Collin Lobb
Hoang Minh Huynh
David Phillips, Student and Jovial Participant
Sarkis Einarsson
Andy Kortz
Chau Phan
Jason Faulkner
Edward Kenney
Kathy Gray
Sarah Moore
Marco Hinds
Jason Foster
Diana Blanshey a.k.a. dirty little pinko
Kevin Meyer
Rakesh Vaidya
Nina Safabakhsh
Warren Stramiello
Hyun Lim
Myke Olson
Uyen Le
Bruce Labbate, no longer at the bottom of the list, but still the hottest guy in the coc
Aamir Kazi
Chris Morris
Jonathan LaCour, with a busy summer schedule!
Eric Anderson, TA
Ashley Taylor, TA
Manish Rana
Scott Aday
Matthew Might
Tommy Unger
Carl Cox the guy in the hat
Sara Harvey
Benjamin Gonzalez chmachmachmechla
Sergio Fernandez chlachpinchga
Lindsay Nall
Divya Narayanan
Shannon Easley
Chris Haire
Ali Bajwa
Evan Wheeler
Dushyant Singh
Alexander Bazala
Christine Navalta
Hua Yang
Shaun Dishman
Elliot Soloway
Brian McNamara
Four Blind Mice

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