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Questions on Sp2001 P5 Milestone

P5 anyone?

If I "load" a playlist, does that mean I add it's files to the current playlist, or that I replace the current playlist with the requested one? -PatrickParker

I think that could really go either way, depending on the way you want to do it, as long as you make sure and leave a commnent about it so that your TA knows which way you intended it to work. Shaggz

I'd like to be able to load multiple playsets, but I do see that the milestone definition is ambiguous. Take it either way, as Shaggz suggests. Mark Guzdial

Of course, the project wouldn't be nearly as fun if it wasn't at least a bit ambiguous. Shaggz

nor would it be a GaTech CS project

funny funny =) Shaggz

how do i create a filestream for a file that is NOT in the same directory as all the squeak stuff is?
Kiana Tennyson

Well Kiana, there's more than one way to do that, but you might want to do a FileDirectory on: 'some directory', and then make your filestreams with that. Shaggz

I have another question now. Is there a class for a "pop-up" message box? I'm looking for something that will pop up messages for the user to read, and then click "okay", but I can't find a class associated with something like this. does one exist?
did you ever do turnin for p2 or p4? it uses a little pop-up message to tell you the submission was complete - check it:

Tell them it's ok"
(PopUpMenu labels: 'ok') startUpWithCaption: 'Files Transmitted'
Is anyone here

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