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Questions on Sp2001 P2 Milestone

Questions on P2?

What is the difference between a .st and a .cs file? They seem to behave the same.
They are basically the same, Oh Anonymous One. It's the identical format. The only difference is that a .st (SmallTalk) file is created by filing out a category, class, or method (or method protocol), while a .cs (ChangeSet) file is generated by filing out a changeset. In detailed terms, there will be things in a .cs that won't be in a .st file, like renaming, removing, or reorganizing methods (if you did it in the change set, it's recorded). Mark Guzdial

No other questions? Nothing on Morphic? Wow, you must all have it nailed! Mark Guzdial

How many search strings must we allow the user to specify? We may be able to present a simpler UI if three search strings is a reasonable limit. Patrick Parker
I guess that's okay, but I think I prefer letting the user type several search strings into a single search box – the way that most search engines work. Mark Guzdial
I see, thanks –PatrickParker
How would I remove the scrollbar from a PluggableTextMorph to force it to a one-line text entry box? Or is there a more appropriate class to be working with here?
Also, when I add a PluggableTextMorph to my SystemWindow, the title bar of the window takes on the color of the PluggableTextMorph (i.e. black if I dont change the color from default (transparent)). What's the deal?
Thanks, Dave C

I am not understanding how the PluggableListMorph class works. A list as in the "list:" class message can be something like an Array or an OrderedCollection, right? What kind of object goes into the "selected: " and "changeSelected: " messages. Thanks. - Kevin Morris

I don't think you can whump the scrollbar of a PluggableTextMorph. Adopting colors of the owners is something that a Morph can choose to do, so you'll have to set it. PlugabbleListMorphs typically accept arrays for specifying the lists. The selected and changeSelected take symbols which will be used as messages. Mark Guzdial
is there anything like a label from java in smallTalk, something that you can create and place with code that doesn't do anything but sit there and look pretty. Has no interactive ablities and isn't clickable or editable? -Rob
I don't know what a "label" is in Java. You can create non-clickable/editable text, though – look at StringMorph. Mark Guzdial

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