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Spring 2001 Project Assignment Description

Project Description: JUKEBOX

The goal for this project is to make it easier to play your collection of sound files (WAV, AIFF, MIDI, or MP3), at your computer or via a Web interface if you're away. Your goals are:

Playing WAV, AIFF, and MIDI files is documented in your book. See Playing MPEG files in Squeak for information on playing MP3's – MPEG support in Squeak is newer than the textbook.

You have to figure out some of this stuff yourself. Please don't ask questions about playing MPEG's until you've spent at least an hour playing with it. (exception: please do ask if you have trouble getting the plugin or the change set to load at all, eg if opening a valid Mpeg file gives you a debug window, or if you just can't find any possible way to load !) When in doubt, ask, but you'll likely be sent fishing again if it sounds like you haven't spent any time on it yet.

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