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Spring 2001 Lecture Schedule

Lectures will only be uploaded here if they are updated beyond what's on the book CD. (If you want links to all of them, see Spring 2000 Lecture Schedule) Files ending in .ppt are PowerPoint slides (Mac PowerPoint98, which should be readable in Office2000, those with a -p3 in the name are PowerPoint 3 files) and files ending in .zip are Zip files of BookMorphs of the lectures. See How to Read BookMorphs for more information on using BookMorphs.

T Jan 9
Reading: Chapter 1, Section 2.1

Th Jan 11
Reading: Section 2.2 through chapter end

T Jan 16

Th Jan 18
Reading: Chapter 3

T Jan 23
Reading: Chapter 4

Th Jan 25

T Jan 30- P1 Due

Th Feb 1
Reading: Chapter 5

T Feb 6

Th Feb 8

T Feb 13 - MIDTERM - P2 Due (Interface)

Th Feb 15
(F Feb 16 Drop Day)

T Feb 20 - P3 Due (Design)

Th Feb 23

T Feb 27

Th March 1

T March 6 - Th March 8: SPRING BREAK

T March 13 - P4 Due (Web-based Interface)

Th March 15

T March 20

Th March 22

T March 27 - P5 Due (PlayLists)

Th March 29

T April 3

Th April 5

T April 10

Th April 12- P6 Due (Mystery #1)

T April 17

Th April 19

T Apr 24 - Dead Week- P7 Due (Mystery #2)

Th Apr 26

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