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Summer 2000 Nightlife

Taco Cabana

My favorite place for a nice post-2am Mexican dinner. Not horribly priced and they'll load you up on the food. I enjoy the nachos, but beware: they'll drown you in cheese.
Also good in a pinch are the breakfast choices. Rather strange, sometimes, but not bad. Be brave and give them a try.
Located just off of I-85 at the Buford Highway exit. When going north on I-85, get off at BuFu and bear right at the fork. Take a left at the light. Taco Cabana will be readily visible at the next intersection. Enjoy.
Also conveniently close to about 40 strip clubs, an "exotic" asian massage parlor, and Southern Nights, the south's largest adult video store. Ain't Atlanta grand?

Since this page is lacking, I figured I'd post a link to a party I went to, reviewed, and took pictures for earlier this summer.

Let me know what you think. Doing that review was my first job for the local dance music e-zine Lunar Magazine. I also took pictures for another party that was held a few weeks ago, and hopefully, the site will be updated with those pictures and the review for that party soon. And, if you're intested in learning more about the Atlanta scene, the music, or about Atlanta's nightlife, let me know. I don't claim to know everything that's going on in Atlanta when the moon is high, but I do know a thing or two.

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